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What is included in the price?

  • Pick up and return at the airport
  • Bed sheets and blankets
  • Cooking kit
  • Cleaning kit
  • Camping chairs and tables
  • Solar shower
  • Island map/guide
  • Third party car insurance
  • Baby or child carseat
  • Unlimited millage
  • Cleaning service
  • Gas
  • Diesel oil, the van will be returned with the same amount it originaly had when it was picked up.

Sanitary policies due to the Covid 19 crisis

In Holidays Campervans we have increased our security and hygiene measures so we can offer you complete peace of mind during your vacation with our campers.

Can I pick up the van in one island and return it in another?

Normally no, you will need to drop off the van in the same island where you picked it up. We may consider each individual case though.

Overnight stays zones

At your arrival we will give you a map, where we will indicate the places where you can or cannot spend the night, where the best sunrises or sunsets, campings, hiking routes, best beaches for surfing are, etc…

And of course, always taking care and being respectful of the environment.

Travelling to other islands

It is possible to travel from one island to another, however, take into account that the vans are old and they may experience some breadowns. It will probably not happen, however, if a breakdown occurs and it is not easily fixed in garages nearby, the transportation of the van and its passengers would be included, but you would need to return to Tenerife.

In what islands can I rent the van?

They are available for rent in Tenerife, La Gomera, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.


  • They are available for pick up when you arrive starting at 9 00 am.
  • The schedule for returns will be based on a mutual agreement depending on your flight time and the van’s availability
  • On the date of your arrival we will pick you up at the airport and from there we will go to our office unit which is located at about 10 mins distance from the Aeropuerto Sur for the pick up, explanation of how the van works and for the rental contract signing.
  • On the date of your departure we will meet at our office unit and from there we will take you to the airport.

How does it work if you are already on the island and you are not arriving by plane?

We will pick you up at the meeting point we have agreed on, at no cost, as long as it is within a 20 km area from the Aeropuerto Sur in Tenerife.

What if my return flight leaves at 6 in the morning, for instance?

The return of the van will be done on the previous evening and we can reccommend you a place where you can spend the night close to the airport.

What if my flight arrives at Aeropuerto Norte?

If your flight arrives at Aeropuerto Norte, which is located 65 kilometres away from Aeropuerto Sur Reina Sofia, we have two options:

  • We can pick you up at Aeropuerto de los Rodeos, now called Ciudad de la Laguna. This would entail an adittional cost of 60€


  • You can take the guagua (bus ) that arrives at Tenerife Sur and we will pick you up there at no additional cost.


The pick up and return will be done at the Airport.



The pick up and return will be done in San Sebastián de la Gomera port.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 2 nights. During peak season from September to April it would be 7 nights. However, we will always try to accomodate your needs based on the availability of our dear vans! So just go ahead and ask us!

I want to make a reservation, what steps should I follow?

Once you decide to rent a van with us, we will send you a precontract with the information about your reservation.

To complete the reservation, you will need to make a payment via bank transfer or PayPal for  20% of the total price and you will pay the rest in cash on your day of arrival, together with a 400€ security deposit. This security deposit will be returned to you on your return date, once we have checked everything is in good condition.

What will happen with the security deposit if there has been an issue with the van?

If there has been some issue during your trip, for instance, you were going to park and you got so close to the wall that you damaged the side mirror or you scratched the side of the car or you bent the bumper, we will take from the security deposit only the money needed to cover the damage(s), which will be assessed at the time by an autobody mechanic. If the sidemirror is damaged the cost will be covered using the security money for that value.   

Cancellations and changes to your reservation

In order to cancel or modify your reservation, you need to let us know as soon as possible and use the same means you used to make the reservation.

If you cancel your reservation 15 days or more in advance, your deposit will be returned to you in full.

If you make a cancellation between 15 days and 48 hours before your pick up date you will receive a voucher for unlimited time for pick up in any of the islands, subject to vehicle availability.

In cases of force majeure (such as illness, death of a relative, pandemics, strikes…) you will be able to change the date of your reservation or your whole deposit will be returned to you.

Upgrade policy, we reserve the right to make an upgrade or to pick a van that is similar in shape.

I already have the van. What should I do if….

The van breaks down?

Call 0034 652877183 ( Luis) and he will tell you what to do in each case. 24h availability 7 days a week.

I run out of gas?

There are propane tanks available for sale in many gas stations and hardware shop.

I run out of water?

If you are close to our office unit we will fill it for you, otherwise it can be filled at any gas station.

Can I charge my cell phone or my camera?

Every device has a usb entry that can be charged in the van light. We also have 12v to 220 v converters available.

Can I take my dog?

Pets are always welcome as long as you take responsibility and you return the van doghair free.

Do you have any other questions or need some clarification about a specific point?

So contact us, and we will happily answer them.

Greetings from the Canary Islands !  We’re looking forward to meeting you !

+34 680 755 803‬

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